The Morgan Nick Alert System now gives us the ability to get information and pictures out across the state, almost instantaneously, following the initial report of an abduction.

The backbone of the Morgan Nick Alert System is the same technology that broadcasters have used for years to warn us of imminent danger — The Emergency Alert System.  Arkansas law enforcement agencies now have access, through the Arkansas State Police, to activate the system and spread the word of a child abduction to more than 250 Arkansas radio and television stations.


  • Child must be 17 years old or younger.
  • Confirm abduction has occurred.
  • A threat of physical injury or death.
  • Or have a mental or physical disability.

How Activation Works:

  • Local police notifies Arkansas State Police.
  • If criteria is met, State Police activate alert using the Emergency Alert System.
  • Media begins immediate broadcast.

If Your Child is Missing:

  • Call Police.
  • Call neighbors to help search.
  • Call friends of child.
  • Check for personal items also missing; bike, make-up, clothing, etc.
  • Retrace where child was last seen and with whom