Parental-control apps for mobile devices work best when they’re part of a comprehensive approach to teaching your kids about behaving responsibly online. That means talking to your kids about what they should and shouldn’t do with their mobile devices and clearly communicating how you expect them to act.


Go to settings: then general: then restrictions: turn it on and you’ll be prompted to put in a code

Parent restrictions directions  6655567c-8183-4063-92a3-3975af1490eb

Now you can select the options that you feel are appropriate to your child, remembering to look at the section covering Allowed Content, as here you can limit explicit songs and TV shows from iTunes.

Windows Phone also comes with its own safety features, such as Kid’s Corner, a built in safe-area on your handset where your children can play. Here they have access to apps and media decided by you, and won’t be able to accidentally delete any of your photos, contacts, or emails. In many ways it’s similar to the Amazon approach, and can be switched on and off as and when you need it. To activate the feature go to the App list>Settings>Kid’s Corner, and follow the instructions