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Child Safety Tips

Rule #1: Know Your Name, Number, & Address

Your child should learn your full name, contact number and address. It would be better if she knows the details of both the parents. Even if your child is small, try and teach him these basic

details so that it can be shared in case of any emergency.

Rule #2 Check First

Teach children to always “check first” with their trusted adult before going anywhere or accepting anything from anyone. This allows a person caring for the child to always know who they are with and what they are doing is appropriate and safe.

Rule #3 Tell a Trusted Adult

Teach children to tell a trusted adult if anyone offers them money, candy, or other things to go with them or help them in anyway.  Kids are lured by strangers often with candy, a toy, a puppy, or anything tempting.

Rule #4 Say No

Children should know the difference between an OK touch and a NOT OK touch. No one should touch them anywhere their bathing suit covers unless it’s a doctor and they have their parents’ permission to help them. If anything ever makes a child feel scared confused or uncomfortable they should say NO! say it loudly and with meaning, then tell your trusted adult.

Rule #5 Your Child Should be Aware of the School Emergency Procedures

Every school has a procedure in place to handle emergencies like earthquakes, floods, bomb-scare etc. Make sure that your child is aware and understands why these practice drills are important but reassure them they are safe at school and cared for. We always want to educate children, not scare them.  Help them find solutions to any questions or fears they may have.

Rule #6 Handling Emergency Situations at Home

Children left alone should never answer the door regardless of who it is. A package can be left by the door or delivered later. Teach your child to dial 911 in case of an emergency to get help    quickly. Also, have a verified neighbor or friend they can go to for help or safety if needed.

Rule #7 Take A Friend

Some kids are very active, independent, or curious and love to do things alone which includes    going out alone. Always take a friend. There is safety in numbers. Walking to school, going to the park, waiting at the bus stop should always be done with a friend or buddy.

Rule #8 If You Get Lost

A child may get lost when you are out shopping or in a crowd. It is imperative to teach children to handle such a situation so that they don’t panic. They should NOT leave the store, but stay where they are and ask for help from a trusted adult, which could be a police officer, another mom with kids, or someone that works at the store. They can easily identify them by their uniform, usually employees wear matching shirts or a vest, or often they have on a name tag.

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Have you seen this truck?

Have You Seen This Truck?

The Alma Police Department is requesting your help in identifying the owner/operator of the pictured truck with camper shell. This truck was known to be at the ballfield on June 9, 1995 and has never been identified.


Still Missing Morgan

Morgan’s Story

On the evening of June 9, 1995, Morgan Chauntel Nick was kidnapped while playing with friends just yards away from her mother during a little league game in Alma, Arkansas. A massive investigation ensued, and continues, but Morgan Nick remains missing. After Morgan’s kidnapping it became apparent there was a need for an organization which could …

Links & Resources


Never Forgotten Missing Persons Search – Created to support families in Arkansas in search of missing loved ones.

Hub Of Hope – Healing and opportunities for victims of human trafficking. Prevention and education for the community.

PATH – PATH advocates for those victimized by the sex-industry by providing a safe environment where healing can occur, making success possible and dreams achievable.

Into The Light – Into the Light exists to provide refuge and restoration for minor survivors of sexual exploitation and to bring awareness and education to the issue of human sex trafficking.

ACIC Sex Offender Registry – The Arkansas Crime Information Center Sex Offender Registry Search for the citizens of Arkansas.

National – National Center for Missing & Exploited Children


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