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By donating to the Morgan Nick Foundation, you are helping in our mission to  provide a support network to parents and families of all missing children. Your donation allows us to educate children, parents, and teachers in safety skills and abduction prevention. The Morgan Nick Foundation is also at the forefront for advocating legislation to protect the rights of children.

You can be an important partner in this important work. For about price of a good cup of coffee, your donation could make the difference in the life of a child. And by clicking the link below, you can make that donation. You will also have the opportunity to quickly make that one-time donation a monthly donation so you can help us continue this vital mission.

Every contribution will be used to empower children and families with the safety skills needed to protect them from the possible dangers of abduction. It is because of generous heroes like you that the Morgan Nick Foundation is able to assist children and families.

If you are an individual, civic organization, small business, or corporation that would like to sponsor one or more of our community enrichment programs with a cash or in-kind donation, please contact us at 479-632-6382.

If you would like to to make a tax deductible contribution,  you can do so electronically by using our donate button below, or you can mail a donation to Morgan Nick Foundation, PO Box 1033, Alma AR 72921.