About the Program:

The Picture Them Home Campaign is an ongoing initiative to raise awareness about the power of pictures and their importance in the search for missing children. Since pictures are a proven, effective tool, it is our goal to have them featured in as many different outlets as possible.
This initiative was started by the Morgan Nick foundation as a weapon in the fight to bring missing children home. Over 2,000 children are reported missing in the United States every day. We know that one-in-six of these children will come home as a result of someone recognizing their photo; an astounding statistic that was proven to be true within hours of unveiling the very first police cruisers in Clarksville, AR. After viewing a story on the news about these newly redesigned police cars, some adults that had been harboring a runaway became nervous and sent her home. This was a direct
result of her photo being seen!

Benefits of this Campaign:

  • Everyone looks at police cars.
  • It sends a strong message to the community about your commitment to child safety.
  • It sends a very strong message to would-be abductors that this is the wrong community to attempt an abduction.
  • It helps facilitate ongoing safety / prevention discussions for families in your community every time they see one of these vehicles.

It is our hope that with this campaign, the recovery rate will increase significantly and more children will come safely home.

The Graphics:

The official Picture Them Home photo decals were developed by industry specialists at Don Moore Signs alongside law enforcement officers. The resulting design incorporates a specific combination of perforated window film and laminate to ensure maximum safety and visibility for vehicle drivers. For increased photo indentification, the images on the official decals are digitally enhanced through a proprietary process to compensate for perforations and low resolution
photographs. Each decal is customized to precisely fit the make and model of the vehicle with minimal to no trimming required. Decals come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. For Specific pricing, contact Don Moore Signs at 479-782-2007.

Finding the Funding:

One of the most difficult, but manageable obstacles in getting this started is finding the funding for it. Many agencies are able to find some money in their budget or make a request to their governing council. Others have had to get creative and seek out other resources.
Thinking outside the box may be what it takes to find funding. Come up with a creative way to let the community know what the program is about and the benefits of participating. This is a cause that people are passionate about. Finding those people through local businesses, industries and governing officials will help to make this possible.
Bill Hanesworth, VP and General Manager of Rheem Air Conditioning Division, said, “It is a national tragedy that the news is filled with children that are abused and missing on a daily basis. When the request for financial assistance regarding this campaign crossed my desk, I knew we should be supporting it. It just seemed like the right thing to do!”
It is our hope that you will join us in combating what has become an unacceptable epidemic in America. Every missing child deserves to come home. By placing photos of these children on your vehicles, you are providing an opportunity for a child to return safely home.


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