As technology  has progressed more and more families own cell phones and digital cameras  which plug directly into a computer or printer. So, Arkansas State Police and the Morgan Nick Foundation want to encourage families to keep an updated digital photo of their child in their cell phones, on their camera and home computer. Save this specific picture under file name Morgan Nick Photo ID so it can be accessed quickly in case of an emergency and e-mailed across the state. Update this picture every six months, especially for younger children.

Below you will find how the Arkansas State Police encourage individuals to take child photos for possible emergency situations.

  • Head on, bust up, picture of child not smiling. If child wears glasses, please take one with and without glasses.
  • Profile, shoulder up, picture of child not smiling. For long hair place behind ear.
  • If the child has a visible birthmark or scar on face, arms or legs., please take close up.

The Arkansas State Police and the Morgan Nick Foundation are committed to improving the Morgan Nick Amber Alert and Morgan Nick Photo ID program. Technology has already helped and will continue to play a valuable role in getting children home quicker following the initial report of an abduction. Therefore, we encourage parents and guardians to take the time to take a picture, save and file – it can make a critical difference for your child.

Child ID/DNA Kit:

A Child ID Kit enables parents to provide immediate and essential information for the search, recovery and rescue of a missing child. Keeping accurate, complete and         up-to-date records of your child is critical when supplying information to law enforcement for investigation. Your child’s ID Kit should include:

  • Your child’s complete name and any nicknames
  • Physical information: age, height, weight, gender, hair color& length, eye color, etc….
  • Other identifiable information: location of scars, birthmarks, glasses, braces, bruises, broken bones, tatoos, etc…
  • Medical history including any medicine that may be needed
  • Recent pictures: Be sure to keep updated color photos of your child. The most useful photos are clear candid photos, front and side views, updated yearly.
  • A list of your child’s friends, teachers, bus drivers, babysitters and their phone numbers.
  • Your child’s hobbies and hangouts.
  • Your child’s email addresses and web sites (i.e.: his/her MySpace or Facebook accounts, etc…

Additionally, MNF recommends securing the following forensic indicators for effective search, recovery and rescue:

  • Secure and store Fingerprints. Fingerprints can be recorded on a standard fingerprint card with ink or through state of the art digital technology. MNF advises all parents to secure a copy of your child’s fingerprints and further recommends that the prints be taken by a certified fingerprint techinician for the most reliable results.
  • Secure and store a Scent Article. Have your child remove a piece of clothing that he or she has been wearing all day (a sock provides an excellent sample) and have the child place it in an envelope. Do not allow anyone but the child who wore the article of clothing to touch it or the envelope. Store the envelope in a safe deposit box or temperature controlled container. Scent Article stored in this manner should last indefinitely.
  • Secure and store a DNA sample. (1) Blood Drops can be collected using sterile cotton or wait until your child gets a cup or scrape. Collect the blood sample on a band-aid. Completely dry before storing; (2) Baby teeth; or (3) Hair with root. Wrap each sample separately in dry paper. Place sample in separate paper envelope (never use plastic). The envelope should be sealed with tape covering each seam. Place initials of collector and sample date on the envelope touching both the tape and the envelope using permanent ink. Each envelope should clearly indicate the child’s name, the name of the person who collected the sample, and the date the sample was collected. Store in a safe deposit box or temperature controlled container. DNA samples stored in this manner should last indefinitely.

For more information about DNA kids, please call the Morgan Nick Foundation toll free at 1-877-543-HOPE or e-mail us here.