February 24, 2020


All of the programs offered by the Morgan Nick Foundation are absolutely free and are specifically designed to empower children and families against the dangers of abduction and exploitation.

  • Family Retreat— A conference for families of missing and exploited children sponsored in part by the Arkansas Attorney Generals office, and hosted by the Morgan Nick Foundation.  Law enforcement personnel, counselors, media representatives, and other trained professionals are brought in to work individually with families about their case.
  • Free Education Materials — educational brochures, literature, and safety seminars to families in Arkansas.
  • Team HOPE — established by the Department of Justice and is a support team consisting of parents whose child has been abducted and has either been found or is still missing.  These parents have been professionally trained and have personal experiences to share with others.  Team H.O.P.E. matches families with a support team whose members have been through similar experiences.
  • Safety and Prevention Education — taught to children throughout Arkansas by the Morgan Nick Foundation teaching in venues such as the school systems, in churches, businesses, daycares, and by training teachers in mandatory in-service training days.   To date, the Morgan Nick Foundation has provided safety skills and abduction prevention education to more than 850,000 children, families and teachers.
  • Morgan Nick/AMBER Alert — Arkansas’s statewide plan for the safe return of abducted children.  The alert is named after Morgan Chauntel Nick who was abducted while she was playing in a ballpark in Alma, Arkansas in June of 1995. To find out more, Arkansas State Police | Morgan Nick Amber Alert
  • Continued case management to families with missing children (abducted, runaways, or otherwise missing) absolutely free of charge.
  • NetSmartz — an Internet safety resource from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America that uses the latest technology to create high-impact educational activities for even the most      tech-savvy kids of any age group. The goal of NetSmartz is to extend the safety awareness of children and empower them to make responsible decisions online and in real life.

If you are an individual, civic organization, small business, or corporation that would like to sponsor one or more of these community enrichment programs with a cash or in-kind donation, please contact us in Alma at 479-632-6382 or visit our Contact Us page. All donations are tax deductible.