January 24, 2020

Spooktacular 100 – October 26, 2013

Check back. More information coming soon!


  1. I could understand the pain and tourture of the Nick family. My son was abducted by his father for 6 years I didnt know where my little guy was. But just like the Nick family I found him and he is now back with me.

    • MrsHodges says:

      Im glad you got your little man back. and hope you have many wonderfull years together and i hope the “father” got what he deserved!!!!!

  2. Micky_77000 says:

    my name is michelle lockem i am from south africa but live in scotland i have sen your story on tv with ty pennington all my prayers and love go to you and your family and they are with morgan aswell.keep beliving your day will come.xxxx

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