January 24, 2020

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” and John Walsh, co-founder of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) teamed up to focus on the issue of missing children in a two hour special airing Sunday, August 14 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM CDT. The show highlights the abduction of 6-year-old Morgan Nick from Alma, Arkansas and the journey her family has endured since her disappearance ten years ago. Morgan’s mother, Colleen, and her siblings are the latest recipients of an “Extreme Makeover” and through telling their story hope to try and locate Morgan as well as other missing children across the country.

From Colleen Nick:

“I want to take a moment to publicly thank everyone who gave of their time, talent, energy and heart to help the ABC program Extreme Makeover: Home Edition tell Morgan’s story. Not only did  EMHE have the heart to tell Morgan’s story, they grasped the problem of missing and exploited children and joined in the fight by showing photographs of 9 other missing children who, like Morgan, belong at home with the people who love them. We know that 24 million people watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. We also know that statistically, 1 out of 6 missing children is recovered because someone recognizes them from a photograph. With 24 million people watching Extreme Makeover, I truly expect that lost children will come home because of this ABC program. It is my hope and prayer that Morgan is one of those children.

I have no doubt that I live among some of the most amazing people in the world.  Each and every one of you are a hero – my hero.   Thank you!”

Clear Channel Outdoor in Fort Smith, AR produced this billboard to support the family’s continued efforts to find Morgan Nick.

Photos from the Week…

The Nick Home (Before)

The Nick Home (After)


  1. Ken Hilte says:

    I had the honor of hearing Colleen speak in 2007 while at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA. I haven’t forgotten ….

    Ken Hilte
    Chief of Police
    Pikes Peak Comm College

    Cmdr, Ret’d.
    El Paso County Sheriff’s Office
    Colorado Springs, CO

  2. Sabris80 says:

    I’m Sabrina from Italy.I watched extreme makeover at tv and i heard your story.You are great and I wish you to hug your Morgan one day.excuse me for my english and “l’amore spera sempre” “love always hopes”

  3. thomas richard says:

    I am wholeheartedly your côtés.que god guide morgan so that she brings in at her this site is tres indeed and goes brought many thing(matter), for morgan as for the other disappeared child.

  4. I am a mom to two girls, 6 and 3, living in Paris France, and I stumbled across your edition of Extreme Makeover. This show normally makes me cry anyway, but this time tears just streamed down my face. My 6yr old was particularly touching as she said ‘Mummies never forget their children, even when they are grown up and move far away’. I guess thats probably something Coleen would have made Morgan understand too. A tragic story, this kind of thing just shouldn’t happen
    Love from far away!

  5. Zuzana Walkova says:

    I am a mom of two boys (8 and 4) from Czech rep., Europe and I watched your story in Extreme makeover, Home edition in TV…Colee, you are soooo strong…I wish you to find Morgan one day….and thank you for everything you do in your foundation!

  6. Simona Pekárková says:

    Dear Colleen, I have heard your story while watching Extreme Makeover on TV in Czech republic (Europe). Im also mamma. My son is almost 2 years old and I cant even imagine what has to be to lose the child this way. I wish you from my heart that one day you and your relatives will meet up with Morgan again.Keep doining what u r doing. Lots Love and Hopes.

  7. Eileenb_01 says:

     I watched extreme makeover and as a mother was absolutely heart broken.  Right now in Britain we also have a young child missing Madeline McCann and my thoughts r with you both.  I think you are such an inspirational strong women and your daughter knows how much you lover her.  I wish you every success in the future in finding your beautiful daughter.  Love always hopes x

  8. Garysimpson123456789 says:

    Hi Nick Family………

    Just watched the EM:HE show over here in England and I hope you are all well and a MASSIVE well done for your brave efforts for all those stolen children….. you are a real Saint.

    I still have to see the second part of your show as I have just seen the first!!!!!!!!! grrrrr hate waiting lol

    God Bless, Gary Simpson (Rochester, England, UK)

  9. Gary Simpson says:

    Hi Nick Family………

    Just watched the EM:HE show over here in
    England and I hope you are all well and a MASSIVE well done for your
    brave efforts for all those stolen children….. you are a real Saint.

    I still have to see the second part of your show as I have just seen the first!!!!!!!!! grrrrr hate waiting lol

    God Bless, Gary Simpson (Rochester, England, UK)

  10. Gary Simpson says:


    Just saw the second part, and loved seeing you all so happy and the house is MASSIVE!

    Morgans room is lovely and I love the part showing all those children missing, I hope since the makeover that all have been found, its sad that Morgan is still missing, the day will come soon I’m sure, I’ll keep praying.

    Keep you the great work you do Nick family…….

    Gary 🙂

  11. Hi Nick family

    Just watched the Extreme Makeover Show here in Scotland. I had hoped to do a google search to found that you had found Morgan, I am heartbroken that this is not the case.
    Just wanted to say you are in my thoughts and prayers, and I hope one day soon you will be reunited with your beautiful lost daughter and sister again!
    Stay strong and an enormous well done with the foundation! I know thousands of people will have been watching that show tonight, so the message continues to spread round the world.

    All my love, love always hopes!

    Voni, Scotland

  12. i am currently watching the second episode of extreme makeover and it breaks my heart that such a thing could happen.  i am a mother and i don’t know how i would be able to survive without my son.  i hope that one day you will be able to hug morgan and show her the love that you feel and that is so evident on the show. 

    I pray that God will bring your daughter home.  Thank you for raising awareness of those who have been taken but not forgotten.

    with all my love
    Lesley-Anne Burnett
    Northern Ireland

  13. Hi Nick Family 

    Just seen your story on EM:HE over here in England i was very moved and as a father myself i dont know what i would do if i found myself in your position 

    I think all the work u=you have done is fantastic and hope that one day you may be reunited with your daughter 

    All our thoughts are with you and your family 

    Antony Squire (Accrington,England,UK)

  14. Jerseyshorefd says:

    I just watched the Extreme makeover show featuring your family.  Being a mother and a grandmother it just breaks my heart when I hear about missing kids.  My hopes is your daughter and the children featured in this episode are found and returned safely home.  That someone somewhere will step up and do the right thing and contact the police with information.  You are a true inspiration and have great strength to take something like this and reach out to others.  May God bless you and your family.

  15. Jerseyshorefd says:

    Hi everyone can you please help us? Erika Lopez, 24, went off her medication for bi-polar and schizophrenia and has been wandering the streets of Newport Beach and Huntington Beach for 2 weeks. Her family has flown in and are walking the streets and asking everyone to help, passing out flyers, posting on FB, and have this event link – I have asked the Newport Beach PD to post as well, but no word back, and no post on their wall. If you would all help by sending this out, especially in the Orange County CA area, we would be so grateful – thank you!
    Please help find Erika LopezLocation: Please call 1 978 457 4323 or 1781 629 5335 with any infomationTime: ‎6:00PM Saturday, August 27thPle

  16. I happened to watch Extreme Home Makeover tonight (an older episode) where you got your new, gorgeous home.  I was so touched by your faith and strength, your beautiful children, and your work to help people find missing children.  You have to be a real angel and inspiration to them.  I hadn’t seen the show when it first aired, so I know Morgan is now about 20.  I pray that she will be found or be able to return home on her own.  I think of some of the missing children who have come home years later, and I truly hope and pray this will be so for your family.

    Nancy in North Carolina

  17. Missnmiller76 says:

    Just watched the show. My hopes and prayers are with you. May God send your daughter back home where she belongs.

  18. I just watched the rerun home the Nick’s family EM:HE today and have seen it it the past…it is one of my favorite episodes du;e to all of the hope and faith that I see today is still carried on…I wish I could of been there to help this wonderful family and I am happy that they have a safe home for themselves and hopefully one day Morgan…I just checked with this website due to the show even though this is 9-2011 and I see there is still love, faith and hope in this family and community…my prayers are with you…LEI from cail

  19. Gabriella Ruggieri says:

    Hi Nick Family,
    I’m Gabriella from Milan, Italy. I watched EM:HE I hope that Morgan return. That you can find her. Be proud for your Foundation! It can help and support many many people.Sorry for my bad English… Gabriella Ruggieri

  20. Renae Dawn Manus says:

    Please come home your family/friends and your neighbors missed you and missed so much. You are so adorable amazing beautiful caring loving wonderful young girl and young lady. They love you and they love you so much just come home sweet home sweet. Love, Renae Dawn Manus

  21. Just watched Extreme Mackeover and felt just a glimpse of your heart acre.I pray to God that Morgan will come home safely one day. God Bless you with your positive work.

    Muriel Morgan (Walsall, England, UK)

  22. Thebinder4 says:

    What town or state was the make over in?

  23. Backtoeden says:

    I too just saw these episodes living in France. I am glad you got the prettiest house. I really would love one day to read the news that Morgan is alive. I can’t picture her dead, just a feeling that I would love to be right. And if my feeling is wrong I still hope closure for you and your family and that the nameless beast who kidnapped her will pay for what he did to you all.

  24. tigsandbrids says:

    Hi Nick family. I watched your show, a repeat here in London England, And it was sad enough the first time I watched it, The second time was with my 10 year old son, who was also in tears. What was almost as sad as the story of your daughter Morgan going missing, was the constant guilt and heartache that was etched across her Mothers face. How she gets up and goes on each day, I can only imagine. God give you all strength, as each anniversary comes around. And I pray it may be one day closer to finding and hugging your angel Morgan.
    Wendy, London England

  25. 20 April 2012 Dear Colleen, and family, Have just seen your EMHE here in UK for the first time, well Part 1 anyway, i have to wait now for 3 days for part 2!

    Your HOPES and DREAMS are still alive today,

    God Bless

  26. Never give up hope & stay strong

    Darren  from Cornwall UK

  27. Percylover says:

    hi nick family, just watched the EM HE show this week in scotland uk, was truly amazed  by your heartbreaking story and your strength at turning your own tragedy into a positive thing for lost children. x

  28. Emanuela says:

    Hi Nick family. We were watching an old episode of EM:HE, and we were really touched by your sad story. My husband and me could never imagine our life without our 4-year-angel, Simone. We looked through Google hoping to read the happy news of Morgan having come back home. Unfortunately, this fantastic moment has not arrived yet. Never stop hoping. We will pray for you to soon embrace Morgan again. Emanuela (Italy)

  29. Guido Razzoli says:

    Hi Nick family.

    I have just watched with my wife EM:HE show here in Italy, have you find Morgan? Because the show is 2005.

    God bless, Joseph Razzoli (Genoa Italy).

  30. emma chisholm says:

    So, I just watched the extreme makeover show here in england and i have to say im so inspired, i hope she comes home, I know what you feel right now… your story has gone world wide and someday that story will reach morgan. I congratulate you all for going through this rough patch in your life, you guys are awesome ^_^ (Emma chisholn, 15 years old, Uk, Blackpool)

  31. Nasser Al-Ali says:

    I just saw the Extreme Makeover edition in BBC Lifestyle….I hope you have had a good end to this heartache experience, God Bless You.

    Nasser Al-Ali
    Palestinian/ American –  living in State of Qatar

  32. Kirsty Madlin says:

    Dear Nick Family,

    I have just seen the show, you are doing amazing work with your charity. You are all on my mind and praying for the safe return of your beautiful Morgan.

    Kirsty, in Dubai

  33. Joannaware says:

    Hi Nick family,

    I just watched EM:HE over in England, and my family is touched!
    You are a real troper and so our your children!

    Hopefully there is a way to finally uncover the reason for the kidnap!

    Morgan and you guys are in our hearts

    Jo Ware (London, UK)

  34. victoria edwards says:

    i am so sorry if i were u i would hunt the person down and get her back

  35. Agnes (France) says:

    Just watching Extrem Maeovet program here in France at the minute I am writing this message about your story of Morgan and wanted to find out if she was recovered. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be the case so I just want to send you my best prayers and hopes on that Sunday, December 15th, 2013 as we are so close to Christmas.
    May she be happy, wherever she is and also your family despute this lost.
    Best thoughts and hopes to you.
    God blessings….!
    Agnes from La Rochelle (south west of France)

  36. Marco_91 says:

    Love Always Hope <3

    Marco from Venice [Italy]


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